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Financial Aid

Offering financial aid to those who need assistance

We desire that no student be denied enrollment for lack of financial resources. Because of this, our school is approved to receive Step Up for Students funds. We also offer a Tuition Exchange Program.

All applications are due by July 1st of the upcoming school year. Please contact Tammi Lau if you have questions regarding financial aid.

Step Up for Students

Step up for Students is an income-based program which provides K-12 scholarships to qualifying students.

If you are awarded Step Up for Students funds, your student will be required to attend CLA’s 5 day program.

To learn more about this scholarship opportunity:

Tuition Exchange Program

Our Tuition Exchange Program provides tuition assistance in exchange for additional service hours on top of your required parent partner hours. You will also be asked to serve on our Resource Development Committee to secure resources for CLA.

If you are interested in applying for the Tuition Exchange Program, please complete a Parent Financial Statement at School and Student Services by Community Brands. Please complete one financial statement per family.

On your application, use school code: 172992