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Why CLA?

We teach to the heart of your child by creating a true partnership with you, the parent

The integral involvement of parents makes all the difference

students working in class at desks

It is our aim to develop three loves in our students

A love of God, a love of learning, and a love of others.

We’re a community school

We have challenged the boundaries of the status quo and have found innovative solutions to meet the academic and nurturing needs of today’s busy families.

We take the best of traditional schooling and homeschooling to create a unique educational model that gives parents the ability to be involved in their child’s education and still enjoy a high level of support and accountability.

We also have a variety of program options to make sure that any family, regardless of finances and work schedules, can participate in and enjoy the benefits of this educational community.

We call it Community Leadership Academy!

What makes us unique

We combine classroom and at-home learning

We are an educational model that combines classroom and at-home learning. The best of both worlds. This result is a well-balanced education tailored to the student’s individual needs.

We provide parental support

Our heart is to provide help to those parents desiring to be involved in the education of their children. Whether parents choose to take advantage of some of our hybrid options or choose to partner with us in more traditional ways, parents of every educational background can be highly involved with the support and accountability of our teachers and staff.

We focus on leadership

Our unique leadership program begins by teaching and training students in ten key character traits that are foundational for godly leadership. We also work to equip students with the practical skills needed in leadership situations. Finally, we provide opportunities for students to practice these skills in real world situations, thereby gaining experience and perspective on individual leadership strengths and function within leadership teams. Our prayer is that students will leave CLA with a strong ability and desire to impact others with the gospel in whatever sphere of influence God gives them.

We prepare for the future

Our College and Career Research Program helps CLA high school students prepare for their educational and vocational futures. Every student is mentored and provided opportunities to shadow a variety of professions, hear from guest speakers from varied professional fields, explore their own unique career interests, build their personal resume, take dual enrollment coursework, prepare their college essays and applications, apply for scholarships, and serve in executive internships.

From our principal

As both a parent and as a principal, I am blessed by the incredible atmosphere and community of families at CLA. Our students find CLA to be a safe and happy place where they love to learn. A challenging academic program produces students able to perform far above the national average on standardized tests. The rigorous program of academics, the practical method of developing leadership skills, and the spiritual mentoring provided by our teachers prepares our students for the rigors of the world they will meet.

We believe God has created each of our children with a purpose, with the ability to learn, and with a call to impact the world around them as a servant of Christ. Our students will be prepared to excel in the halls of higher learning and make a lasting impact on the world around them through the spirit of excellence and leadership they will exhibit.

We welcome you to visit our school and see for yourselves what CLA is all about.

Tina Hinton
Principal and Middle School Administrator,
Community Leadership Academy

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