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High School

Challenge, inspire, equip, and connect students with knowledge, skills, and opportunities

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We provide an advanced college prep curriculum that prepares students to excel at the next level

Students will be provided a range of challenging academic classes including honors, Advanced Placement, and on-site dual enrollment classes. Additionally, an innovative internship component will connect students with real world volunteer and career experiences to enrich and deepen their learning.

Fulfilling the calling as the next generation of godly leaders

Our academic program is bolstered by a biblical program of instruction which teaches students to think deeply, explore, and understand the scriptures, and helps students develop a solid biblical worldview.

Students will graduate from CLA with a fully accredited transcript detailing a challenging schedule of courses and with a resume demonstrating leadership and life experiences they have gained over the course of their four years of high school.

Career Research and Internship Program

The career research and internship program is designed to connect students with a range of first hand experiences in diverse career fields and equip students with the life and leadership skills they will need to succeed in their future educational and career pursuits.

Students in the 9th and 10th grades will be afforded shadowing opportunities each month to visit and explore a wide range of careers and begin to understand first hand what those careers are all about.  By their 11th and 12th grade years, students are able to apply for internships in a field of special interest to them, and they will work once a week as interns in that field.

Over the course of our 4 year program, students will receive instruction in writing a resume, developing a budget, communicating effectively by phone and email, and dressing professionally for success. They will develop interview skills, build a resume, and be afforded opportunities for growth through real world experiences. We believe these skills and experiences will set our students apart as they apply to even the most competitive universities of their choice and will prepare our students for success as the forge their way into their future careers as leaders ready to face challenges and act on opportunities.

Biblical Studies

We understand that preparing students for their future is about more than a focus on academics and college preparation.

We believe that helping students grow in their faith is critical to their overall personal well-being in life and their future as godly and effective leaders.

Our biblical program of instruction  teaches students to think deeply about their faith and gives students the tools they need to explore and understand the scriptures.

Onsite instruction from caring and committed teachers aides students throughout the process of making their faith their own and seeing how it applies to their daily lives.

Student Experience

Our high school program involves 5 days of onsite instruction provided by certified and highly qualified teachers. A total of 8 class periods are offered to fit the students’ scheduling needs and facilitate their participation in afterschool sports and extracurricular programs. Students may choose between a flex period before 1st period (called our “Early Bird” period) or an optional 7th period class to complete their elective choice onsite. Students who choose the “Early Bird” period or who complete their electives through summer school or other means may choose to leave school after 6th period in order to participate in their afterschool extracurricular and athletic pursuits.

Students have the benefit of learning and growing in an uplifting environment which fosters their spiritual growth. They have opportunities to develop positive peer relationships which enhance and do not take away from their high school and learning experiences. Students will enjoy quarterly social events and monthly field trips. A fun atmosphere of doing life and learning together as a community is fostered.

Students have the advantage of smaller student-to-teacher ratios so that they get more attention and individual assistance than they would in a large program. Students are afforded opportunities for honors, advanced placement, and dual enrollment classes to challenge them academically and help them build a solid academic portfolio.

Students will be afforded the opportunity for college road trips in the junior and senior years to allow them to explore their future educational opportunities. Students will have support through our guidance program as they apply to colleges and universities of their choice.

Parent Experience

Parents have the peace of mind in knowing their students are in a spiritually encouraging and academically challenging atmosphere of learning. Parents and students are supported in their planning for future educational choices through our individualized guidance program. Parents can know a transcript from Community Leadership Academy is fully accredited by the highest standard for accreditation by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS). Parents of student athletes will be pleased to know that Community Leadership Academy is an NCAA-approved high school program for future college athletes.

Faculty and Staff

Tammy Burgess Upper School Art
Tammy Burgess profile
Erin Decker Upper School Bible
Lisa Eikeland Upper School Spanish + Cultural Geography
Mei Harden Upper School Math/Science
Mei Harden profile
Liz Hayes Upper School Drama
Liz Hayes profile
Matthew Howell Upper School Music
Matthew Howell profile
Katie Jamieson Upper School Math
Nikolas Oliverio Upper School English
Christa Plettl Upper School Leadership Program Coordinator
Bev Touchton Upper School Math
Nicole Walgamott Upper School Math



Develop advanced skills in the practice of Inductive Bible Study
  • Honors Biblical Studies I (9th)
  • Honors Biblical Studies II (10th
  • Understanding the Faith – DE Credit (11th)
  • Honors Biblical Studies III (11th)
  • Honors Biblical Studies IV (12th)
  • Understanding the Times – DE Credit (12th)

English Language Arts

Study reading, writing, speaking, listening, and language for college and career readiness
  • Honors English I (9th)
  • Honors English II (10th)
  • Honors English III or AP English Language Comp* (11th)
  • Honors American Lit, British Lit, ENC 1101 or ENC 1102** (12th)

*AP coursework may be available onsite for qualifying students

**DE coursework available through TCC for qualifying students


Gain a deeper understanding and application of mathematic topics


  • Algebra I or Liberal Arts Math* (9th)
  • Liberal Arts Math* or Geometry* (10th)
  • Geometry* or Algebra II (11th)
  • Algebra II or Math for College Readiness** (12th)


  • Honors Algebra I (8th)
  • Honors Geometry* (9th)
  • Honors Algebra II (10th)
  • Honors Pre-Calculus or Advanced Topics in Math (11th)
  • DE College Algebra or AP Calculus** (12th)

*Algebra I is a prerequisite

**DE and AP coursework available through TCC and FLVS for qualifying students.


Study the structure and behavior of the physical and natural world through observation and experimentation
  • Honors Earth Space Science (8th)
  • Honors Biology I (9th)
  • Honors Human Anatomy or Honors Chemistry I (10th)
  • Honors Chemistry I, DE or AP Environmental Science** (11th)
  • Honors, DE or AP Physics, Chemistry or Biology** (12th)

**DE and AP coursework available through TCC and FLVS for qualifying students.

Social Studies

Study multiple fields of social science and the humanities
  • Honors Cultural Geography (8th)
  • Honors World History (9th)
  • AP Human Geography* (10th)
  • Honors US History (11th)
  • Honors Government/Economics** (12th)


**Additional DE options available for qualifying students

World Language

Develop communicative skills in all 3 modes of communication and cross-cultural understanding
  • Honors Spanish 1A and 1B (7th-8th)
  • Spanish I or Hon. Spanish II* (9th)
  • Spanish II or Hon. Spanish III* (10th)
  • Honors Spanish III or IV* (11th)

*Additional World Language classes may be available through TCC or FLVS for qualifying students


Explore creative outlets in the arts and fitness
  • HOPE PE/Health (8th, 9th, or 10th)
  • Music, Theater, or Fine Art Option (8th, 9th, or 10th)
  • College Success- SLS 1510 (10th or 11th)
  • Foundations in Personal Finance (10th or 11th)
  • Academic or General Electives, i.e. FLVS Driver Education, Computer Programming, Web Design, Law Studies, Journalism, Theatre and Film Production, and many DE electives* (10th, 11th and 12th)

*DE coursework available through TCC for qualifying students

** Honors courses listed may also be available at the standard level. AP and dual enrollment courses are based on teacher/administrative recommendation and subject to GPA and testing requirements. Course offerings are subject to change.

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