Participating in Sports

CLA athletics have grown to allow our elementary, middle and high school students to participate in our sports program whether it be at the developmental level, intramural, or competitively. Students wanting to participate in a sport not offered at CLA have the opportunity to participate in athletics at their home-zoned public school, provided he or she meets the eligibility requirements.

We also invite home-schooled students to participate in our athletic programs. Students attending other schools which offer sports can participate in our CLA intramural or developmental programs but not competitively.

An application and guidelines to participate may be found here.

Please contact your home zone school or the athletic director of the program in which you wish to participate for more information.

Chris Maignan

Athletic Director

Chris Maignan joined the CLA community in 2017 as the athletic director and upper school physical education teacher. Originally from Miami, Mr. Maignan attended the University of Florida and graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Applied Physiology and Kinesiology with a specialization in Fitness and Wellness. During his time at the University of Florida, he walked onto the football team in 2011. Coach Maignan’s passion is to provide CLA students and the community with opportunities to develop and strengthen their leadership skills through athletics and fitness. He can be reached at

Future Gymnasium for Community Leadership Academy Sports

Sports Teams at CLA

Cross Country

Who loves to run? CLA students love to run and our community loves to support them as they cross the finish line!  Cross Country is all about being consistent, committed, and challenging yourself! You are your biggest opponent! It deals with your progression through consistently challenging your commitment to be better than you were the day before. Cross Country season is typically in the fall beginning in August and ending in October.

Coaches: L.A Hanlon; Katryna Atkins


Our team, overseen by former FSU volleyball athlete Kensy Boulware has had great success. We were proud to host two teams including a JV and Varsity middle school team. With over 15 participants between the two teams, this program has the potential to continue to grow in the coming years.

Volleyball season is typically in the fall beginning in August and ending in October. Currently we have a JV and Varsity Middle School team, open to girls 6-8th grade, and a JV High school team, open to girls 9-12th grade.

Middle School and High School Boys Basketball

Our boys are committed to the process of working hard and giving their best when it comes to attitude, effort, and getting better. Our basketball program is a part of the Florida Independent Christian Athletic Association (FICAA) which allows the opportunity for our team to participate in post-season play with teams all around the state. Middle School boys basketball is open to 6-8th grade boys and High School boys basketball is open to 9-12th grade boys.


Hear the Lions Roar! School spirit is the identity of the cheer team!  Cheer season can be done consecutively with multiple sports but is typically in the fall with football and the winter with basketball. Cheer is open to 5-12th grade girls.

Track and Field

Sprinting through the finish line, jumping into a pit of sand, throwing the discus or shot put, and much more is what you can find our track and field athletes doing at a track meet. A combination of agility, speed, explosion, effort and attitude are needed to participate in one of the many different events that track and field has to offer.  Track is open to 5th-12th grade girls and boys and typically runs in the spring beginning in March and ending in May.

Future Sports

Developmental Sports

  • Running Club—1st-4th grade
  • Middle School Soccer—5-8th grade
  • Lower school Flag Football 1st-5th grade
Upcoming and Potential Sports

  • Baseball – 1st-8th grade tentatively
Intramural Sports:

  • LS Soccer—1st-4th grade
  • Co-Ed Youth Basketball League—1st-9th grade tentatively