P.E.P Tuition and Fee Schedule

Registration and Intent Fee

The Registration Fee is due at the time you register your child(ren). Registration fees for new students are $150.00 per student with a $250.00 family maximum. Registration fees for returning students are $125.00 per student with a $200.00 family maximum, if enrolled by January 30. Thereafter returning families will be subject to the higher $250.00 maximum. Registration fees are nonrefundable.

Acceptance of the Registration Fee does not guarantee enrollment. Enrollment will be granted based on the acceptance date of the enrollment information, outcome of the family interview, student testing and classroom space availability. Students will be placed on a waiting list if classes are full.

P.E.P. Tuition

The P.E.P. tuition amounts for the 2017-2018 School Year are as follows:

Resource Offerings for Lower School*

Resource Offering Annual Monthly
Art once per week $430 $43
Music once per week $430 $43
Physical Education once per week $360 $36
Block of all three resource
classes for 3rd-5th Grades
$1,030 $103

*Subject to available classroom space. When space is limited, preference is given to full-time students. Course offerings are subject to change.

Academic Offerings for 6th-8th Grades**

(All academic classes four days per week for 6th-7th and five days per week for 8th)

Academic Offering Annual Monthly
(Required course for
any PEP student)
$1,400 $140
Course 2 Math $1,740 $174
Course 3 Math
$1,740 $174
Algebra 1 Honors* $1,740 $174
Honors Geometry*
(May be provided through FLVS)
$1,740 $174
Language Arts $1,740 $174
U.S. History Part 2 $1,740 $174
World History $1,740 $174
Honors Cultural Geography* $1,740 $174
Life Science $1,740 $174
Physical Science $1,740 $174
Earth Space Science Honors* $1,740 $174
Spanish 1A* $1,740 $174
Spanish 1B* $1,740 $174

*High School Credit Course
**Course Offerings Subject to Change Based on Enrollment. Additional Book and Class Fees Will Apply.

Projected Resource Offerings for Middle School**

Academic Offering Annual Monthly
Music (Two days per week) $820 $82
Drama (Two days per week) $820 $82
Robotics* (Two days per week) $820 $82
Physical Education* (Two days per week) $820 $82
Physical Education* (Four days per week) $1,640 $164

*Additional book and class fees may apply.
**Course offerings subject to change based on enrollment.

Additional Costs

Class Supply Fee is $50 and covers all class supplies, class books, art project supplies, etc.