Here you will find the policies that we abide by at Community Leadership Academy. These are important in making sure that everyone is involved and has an equal share in making our community a great one.


The Family Handbook is the best place to find all the policies in detail.

Here are some of the most popular topics from the Handbook:


Parents are required to attend Community Fellowships.  We will have the opportunity to share any upcoming business and get an opportunity to get know parents and staff in our school. Parents are also required to attend the Run The Race and the Leadership Banquet fundraising events.

We suggest that both parents attend Community Fellowships, Run The Race and the Leadership Banquet but at least one parent is required.


Community Leadership Academy prescribed dress and personal appearance is meant to promote modesty, respect, and cleanliness, be appropriate, and reflect a standard of excellence. Students are required to wear uniforms.


We would like for the parents to work closely enough with the teachers to understand and be able to faithfully administer the provided lesson plans on the home teaching days.

Parents are asked to support the spiritual input and growth of their child by praying daily with their children and regularly attending a local church. Please keep our academy and our community of families in your prayers.

Parents are required to volunteer on campus on a regular basis. We call this Parent Partnering. The Parent Partner Coordinator will send home a volunteer calendar each month.